Tribal Administration

The Tribal Administration of the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe is to assist tribal members with the services we provide. We also form collaborative relationships with local, state and federal agencies to provide the finest services to our constituents. Our Tribal Community Center (pictured right) was dedicated on July 18, 1981 to the memory of the Shoalwaters who served during World Wars I and II.

Shoalwater Bay Tribal Administration


The mission of the Tribal Administration is to become self-sufficient and provide for the spiritual, social, economic and health of tribal members, while honoring traditions of the past and leaving a responsible legacy for future generations.


We host meetings and events for Tribal Members and the greater Tokeland community to enjoy. We look out for the wellbeing of the people in our area. We strive to be great stewards to the land around us to preserve our Shoalwater Bay ways of living. We conduct avenues for the community to provide feedback to better equip our departmental services. 


Quintin Swanson

Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe Chairman 

Office: (360) 267-8212

Mike Rogers

Tribal Administrator

Office: (360) 267-8154

Sabina Harris

Administrative Receptionist & Receiving Agent

Office: (360) 267-6766

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 130 Tokeland, WA 98590

Tribal Center FAX: (360) 267-6778