A Message from Cynthia Toop, Grant Writer, Planning Department


You might ask, what does it take for the Tribe to receive funding and deliver programs or projects?

My answer would be, “The process is taking leadership’s direction to determine what funding will support the programs or projects to meet the priorities of the membership. The directors then implement these priorities by spending many hours to work through the grant process.  It takes dedication to come to together as a team to identify the program or project needs and develop the budget that supports it.”

Team members often include the director, staff, other tribal departments, professional organizations, along with our partnerships with universities, and government agencies on federal, state, and local levels. Once awarded, the departments who receive the funding are supported by many within the organization which includes but is not limited to those responsible for grant management/compliance, others who arrange for contracting, invoicing, purchasing, hiring, payroll and many other moving parts to ensure that the program is delivered according to the conditions of the award.

The mission statement that I work under as a grant writer is to work with the departments as a team member in identifying funding priorities along with providing exceptional grant resources in the program or project development that advances the Mission, Vision, and Values of the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe.

A glance back at this year’s funding interest by federal agencies:

In March, Arlando S. Teller, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Tribal Affairs, Office of the Secretary at the Department of Transportation visited the Tribe about our Department of Transportation RAISE grant application that was submitted but not funded for FY 21. While here, he toured the uphill area that was the focus of the application.  Mr. Teller encouraged us to apply again for FY 22. We did apply again, and our planning grant made it through all way to desk of Secretary Pete Buttigieg and our infrastructure grant made it all the way to the 3rd level of reviews but alas they were not funded. We will be looking to Tribal Council to see if they would like us to move forward with another application this year.

Senator Cantwell and her team visited in August to talk with the Tribe about project funding priorities. She and her team toured the uphill lands and the new tower.

Bryan Mercier, BIA Regional Director, and his team visited in August and asked about barriers to funding and our priority projects. He and his team visited the uplands as a focus for funding.

Other grant news:

A special shout out to the newest member of our Planning Department, Raleigh Anderson, for his dedication to learning all there is to know about grants. He took the lead in working with Kathirine Horne on the WA State OVCA application that was funded for an additional 3 years.

Also, a shout out to Caitrin McCarron Shuy of Hobbs, Straus Dean & Walker Law Offices for taking a water/sewer project that the Planning Department was working on and through the bill, as announced, will provide us almost half of the budget that had been developed through a congressional allocation. Jamie Judkins works tirelessly to plan and implement all activities in the department and she is working with IHS to move forward with the original budget and if Tribal Council approves, we will be pursing the other portion of the funding through them.

Below is list of grants with substantial involvement from the Planning Department, however, it is not a list of all grants. The applications not listed, are from the departments where we support their applications in a cursory manner i.e., submission on, presenting to Tribal Council, or other brief services.

 Granting Agency Year Awarded Award Amount Award Purpose Number of Years for Project
Health Care Authority CA – INA  2022 $36,885 Provide After-School Preventative Activities  1
WA Office of Crime Victim Advocacy   2022  $420,000 Provide Victim's Services   3
Althea   2022 $40,000  Broadband Study   1
Treasury-CFP   2022 $160,000  Broadband Delivery   4
Office for Victims of Crime - TVSSA   2022 $347,240  Victim's Services   3
FEMA - THSGP   2022 $26,822  Emergency Management Communication   1
COPS Office - CTAS  2022  $599,176 Expand Police Force  5
U.S. Department of the Interior - TJS  2022 $353,245   Expand Court  Ongoing
WA State EMPG 2022 $40,000 Update Emergency Plans 1
IHS Special Diabetes Program - SDPI 2023 $227,935 Diabetes Education 5
The American Indian Health Commission for Washington State 2023 $63,709 Public Health Assessment 2
BIA TCR 2023 $450,000 Community Coordinator 3
Total    $2,765,012    


Listed on the Department of the Interior Appropriations Bill but award not yet issued   Here is a link to read the congressional bill (page 184) Award Purpose Number of Years for Project
Awarded Congressional Allocation 2022 $1,200,000 Water/Sewer Treatment Development 3

Recent Congressional


2023 $1,485,000 Water/Sewer Treatment Development 4


Pending SBIT Grant Applications
Granting Agency Year Applied Pending Award Purpose Expected Month of Notice
National Telecommunication and Information Administration - TBCP 2021 $500,000 Expand Broadband Infrastructure December 2022
U.S. Housing and Urban Development – Indian Housing Block Grant Competitive   $6,167,683 Upland Housing and Road Development July 2023
Department of Transportation – RAISE Infrastructure   $24,981,221 Upland Road Development July 2023
Congressional Ask submitted to Rep. Gluesenkamp Perez   $4,087,020 Upland Road Development September 2023
Total   $35,735,924    


Pending WBE Grant Applications
Granting Agency Year Applied Pending Award Purpose Expected Month of Notice
U.S. Housing and Urban Development -ICDBG  2022 $750,000 Improvements to Tradewinds on the Bay March 2023
Total   $750,000    


Denied Grant Applications
Department of Transportation - RAISE Infrastructure 2022 $25,000,000
Department of Transportation - RAISE Planning 2022 $1,300,000
Economic Development Administration - Indigenous Communities (app not reviewed, funding was not available for last round) 2022 $5,000,000
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 2022 $4,496,000
Federal Emergency Management Administration - BRIC 2021 $273,314
U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs Legal Fee Request 2021 $40,000
Total   $36,109,314