Səʔ notsʔ Tí.

Our tribe was formed in 1866 incorporating members of Lower Chehalis, Shoalwater Bay and Chinookan people. As a small but strong tribe, we strive to keep our language, culture and economic health active and viable. While very connected to our past, Shoalwater Bay tribal members work to expand our influence and increase awareness of our tribal culture while improving our health and way of life.

This part of Willapa Bay has sustained our ancestors since the beginning. It continues to sustain our people and enables us to reach out to the greater community. Throughout this area, visitors, travelers and residents receive the benefit of the vision, infrastructure and development directed and managed by the Shoalwater Bay Tribe.

You’re Welcome. Hiyu maśi (many thanks)




*The regular weekly Tribal Council meeting will be held on Wednesday next week, July 28th (10 am) rather than Tuesday, July 27th. 



*Please note correction for Thursday, July 1st. 

Tribal Council change time


View the recording of the Shoalwater Bay Tribal Library event: Collaborative Archaeology in Willapa Bay: Building Partnerships and Conducting Research with the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe and Chinook Indian Nation with Dr. Anna Antoniou. This event took place on May 19th and June 9th. 

Click here to view recording Part One

Click here to view recording Part Two