Tribal Enrollment

Criteria for enrollment within the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe can be found in our Tribe's Constitution, Article II - Membership.

Section 2. Enrollment. The Tribal Council shall have the power:

  • (a) To enact ordinances governing enrollment, disenrollment, and maintenance and correction of the Tribal Roll; provided, however, that no ordinance herein shall be effective until approved by the General Council, and that no person shall be enrolled as a member of the Tribe under Section 1 (b)(3) of this Article until the General Council has approved such enrollment by a majority vote, and provided, further, that the ordinance setting forth procedures for disenrollment shall be subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior or his authorized representative;


  • (b) To correct the original or current Tribal Roll at any time by adding the names of persons who should have been included or by deleting the names of persons who have relinquished their Tribal Membership or who were incorrectly included on the Roll; provided, that disenrollment shall bein line with the provisions of the ordinance governing that action, enacted pursuant to Section 2 (a) of this Article.


The mission of the enrollment department is to keep accurate, detailed information about our Tribe's lineage.


We are in charge of processing tribal enrollment applications, the manufacturing of Shoalwater Bay Tribal Identification cards and assisting with elder pensions.



Lynn Clark

Enrollment Officer

Office: (360) 267-8172

FAX: (360) 267-8173

Leatta Anderson

Enrollment Clerk

Office: (360) 267-8174

FAX: (360) 267-8175