Human Resources

Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe’s Human Resource Department is committed to excellence, providing quality services and support in a professional, caring and consistent manner. In providing these services the HR Department is dedicated to clear communication, progressive, forward thinking and resourceful solutions toward meeting Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe’s mission, goals and objectives.


The Human Resources Department provides services and actively works to create a positive work environment that values employees as individuals by meeting their needs and respecting their rights. Human Resources values honesty and integrity, is committed to truthfulness, fairness and the highest professional standards.



Brenda Somero

Human Resources Director

Office: (360) 267-8109

Cell: (360) 660-2758

Fax: (360) 749-8100

Mailing Address

Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe

P.O. Box 130

Tokeland, WA 98590