Shoalwater Education Department assists with all grade levels


It is the mission of the Shoalwater Bay Education Department to provide our members with the highest quality educational opportunities possible. The Education Department strives to deliver services to all members fairly and equitably.


We host After School Program, a Summer Youth Program and have various holiday and community events geared towards our youth.

Tribal Higher Education Scholarship info:

Shoalwater Bay Higher Education Policy*Updated*

Higher Education Application Packet

Continuing Student Higher Education Application Packet

Ike Whitish Scholarship Info

Joey Harris Memorial Arts Scholarship Info

Bob Bojorcas Scholarship Info

Other scholarship Opportunities:

Washington Indian Gaming Scholarship Scholarship for Native American Students helps improve the college experience for Indigenous students and their families to help make a college education more accessible in all fields of study. Below are several new scholarships that student can apply for until May 1st. Scholarship for Indigenous Students

If you are a Native American or Alaskan student in pursuit of a master’s degree, check out this list of scholarships and resources to help pay for school:

30 Master’s Scholarships and Resources for Native American and Alaskan Students


Jennifer Taylor

Education Director

Office: 360-267-8189

Kristofer Aho

Education Program Coordinator

Office: 360-267-8197