Culture & Heritage

The department works with the Shoalwater Bay Youth Program, Tribal Community and other groups at the Federal, State, and local levels to educate about our tribal history from our perspective.


Click here to read Archaeology within an Indigenous Rights Based Approach to Sustainability and Locally Sourced Foodways, a case study from the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe by Anna S. Antoniou (University of Michigan) and Earl Davis (previous Culture Director). 



To preserve, protect, and promote the heritage and history of the collective members of the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe and to actively promote and facilitate the ability of the tribe to engage in cultural activities. This is done through historical research and archiving, resurrection of cultural practices and promotion of living cultural practices.


Our work focuses on the traditional arts and life-ways of the ancestors of the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe. We do this work by hosting Annual Cultural Fairs, manage cultural site protection, Language preservation through archiving artifacts, historic documents, recordings and photographs. To share this work, we provide educational and Cultural services to individuals, schools, institutions, and Governments.


Mary Johnson

Heritage and Cultural Director

Office: (360) 267-8130

Kristine Torset

Heritage and Cultural Specialist

Office: (360) 267-8249

Nicole Oddy

Administrative Assistant

Office: (360) 267-8130