Commitment to tribal partners restores Shoalwater Bay Dune, protects Shoalwater Bay Tribe

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers partnered with the Shoalwater Bay Tribe to restore the Shoalwater Bay Dune on the…

Tribal leaders discussed the impacts of climate change at NCAI

Radio Story

Here’s Where the U.S. Is Testing a New Response to Rising Seas

Flavelle, who covers climate adaptation, visited three tribes around the Olympic Peninsula that are trying to pull back from the coast.


Tokeland's Got Pride

Every year on the Saturday closest to July 4th, the village of Tokeland Washington, (population 300) hosts a homegrown parade…

More than 100,000 invasive crabs removed from WA waters this year

European green crabs can consume shellfish and other native marine life, and destroy habitats that much of the food web relies on.

Updated maps reveal reduced walk time on Tokeland Peninsula after addition of vertical evacuation structure

New Maps Detail Routes to Tsunami Safety for Coast
As part of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) efforts…

Independence Day: Poggie’s Last Stand?

On a late June morning at Shoalwater Bay, Kenneth “Poggie” Baker rode his motorized “Jazzy” scooter along the shoulder of Highway 105, against traffic. An American flag fluttered behind him as he lumbered along, cap pulled low over his face to keep out the sun. The 82-year-old entrepreneur headed to work, passing seven firework stands in the half mile between the casino and Chief Charley’s Smoke Shop. There, he crossed the road and motored to his “office”; a huge garage stuffed with cases of pyrotechnics.


More Landry art on display in Tokeland

TOKELAND — Art by Shoalwater Bay tribal artist Eugene Landry continues to be discovered and placed on exhibit in his hometown.

How Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe is fighting ‘perpetual problem’ of green crab invasion

Green Crab Crew member Richard Ashley casts out a handmade hook to grab the buoy marking the place of a…

‘The Handsome Man’: Prominent Indigenous actors star in upcoming local short film

A new short film shot on the Kalispel Tribe Reservation seeks to portray Indigenous people in a way not often…