Community Garden

Shoalwater Bay is always cultivating its relationship with the land. We believe that being in good relations with the land is one sure way we can follow in our ancestors footsteps and be great stewards of the land. By having a community garden, we are able to have tribal members eat fruits and vegetables grown on their land. The garden also serves as a way to educate people on what can be grown in our area.


Volunteer opportunities available!

Every Tuesday through Thursday, anyone is welcome to tend the garden with Travis from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m.

Master Gardner Travis


Our mission is to keep produce local and organic for all to enjoy.


We serve as an educational resource to any and all who'd like to inquire about gardening in Tokeland. We also take in food scraps to make compost from Shoalwater Bay's cafeteria, oyster sells from Shoalwater Seafood operations and invasive species that are collected by the Natural Resources department.

To stay connected to our Shoalwater roots, we are working to establish an area for culturally significant plants to grow for Tribal members to gather from. We also have a fruit orchard in the works. 

Our garden is funded by the Group Health Foundation.


Travis Torset

Community Garden Operations