The Accounting and Finance Department supports the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe’s employees, members, customers and other involved partners.


We take care of accounts payable and payroll for the Tribe. We also monitor grants such as grant reporting and grant compliance.


Larry Kerns

Chief Financial Officer

Office: (360) 267-8158

Judy Lawrence

Grant Accountant

Office: (360) 267-8162

Dia Hood

Grant Account Assistant

Office: (360) 267-8252

Roberta Merkel

Accountant/Payroll/Accounts Payable Supervisor

Office: (360) 267-8160

Angela Christensen

Payroll Clerk

Office: (360) 267-8106

Justine Blake

Procurement Officer

Office: (360) 267-8209

Alissa Whitney

Accounts Payable/Travel Coordinator