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Lynn Clark, Tel:360-267-8172 Fax: 360-267-8173

Court Administrator, Traffic Court

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Leatta Anderson, Tel: 360-267-8174 Fax: 360-267-8175

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Anita Neal

Prosecutor/Presenting Officer

Tim Rybka

Northwest Intertribal Court System (NICS)

Tel: 425-774-5808 Fax:425-744-7704 

Tribal Court 

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  • Indian Child Welfare                                                                             

Aid to Tribal Government

  • Enrollment
  • Elder Pension

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The Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe is a federally recognized Tribe with inherent authority and jurisdiction over criminal, civil, and Indian Child Welfare matters within the boundaries of the Shoalwater Bay Indian Reservation.

The Shoalwater Bay Indian Reservation was established by Executive Order on September 22, 1866. On June 18, 1934 residents of the Reservation rejected the provisions of the Indian Reorganization Act [IRA], and in 1971, our Tribe adopted a Constitution. The Tribal Government has authority to enact ordinances and laws governing the conduct of all persons [on the reservation] and defining offenses against the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe; maintain order and protect the safety and welfare of all persons within the Shoalwater Bay Tribe’s jurisdiction; and pass any ordinances or laws necessary to govern the administration of justice and the enforcement of all laws, ordinances or regulations.

The Tribe contracts with the Northwest Intertribal Court System (NICS) to provide the Judge, Prosecutor, and appellate services. The Tribe has jurisdiction over criminal and civil matters, Indian Child Welfare matters, and includes Traditional Laws and practices. The Code of Laws consists of, but is not limited to:

Copies of the Tribe’s Law and Order Code and Court Forms are available through the Court Clerk’s office, by email, or mail, this office is also where you may obtain information regarding Enrollment, Housing, and Elder Pension. Tribal Court is held the second Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. in the Court Building.

The physical address is 2373 Tokeland Road, Tokeland.

Our mailing address is:
Shoalwater Bay Tribal Court
PO Box 130
Tokeland, WA 98590

We maintain strict confidentiality.



ʔəním means “us” or “we” in our native language and is pronounced “-uh-neem.”