Tribal Government

Natural Resources


The mission of the Shoalwater Bay Tribal Natural Resources Program is to protect and enhance the human and environmental health of the Shoalwater Bay Tribal community through natural resource management, education, research, advocacy and consensus building.


  • Natural Resources/Environmental Permits
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Geographic Information Services
  • Noxious Weed Control
  • Wetlands Management
  • Forest Practices/Management Program
  • Recreational Trail System
  • Shellfish Monitoring
  • Food Handlers Examinations
  • Hunting/Shellfish License
  • Renewable Energy Program

Contact Us

Larissa Pfleeger-Ritzman,                                             Donovan Wargo
Natural Resources Director                                           Conservation Forester
Phone: (360) 267-8108 ext. #8108                              (360)-267-8244

Richard Ashley
Natural Resources Specialist
Phone: (360) 267-8110 ext. #8110



ʔəním means “us” or “we” in our native language and is pronounced “-uh-neem.”