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The Shoalwater Bay Tribal Community Library and Museum is now located underneath the North Cove Bar and Grill Restaurant and next door to Georgetown Station and will now be open Tuesday through Saturday from 10-6pm. We have a large collection of books on native people of the West Coast and across the U.S., along with many reference materials for our community which might not be readily available elsewhere. Throughout the year we also have community and children programs, both educational and enjoyable. For example: book signing from local authors, concerts, assorted crafts, etc.


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Library Snippets November 2019

By Linda R Rose-Marmont


I’m sure you all know by now but maybe not, I got married in July this year, therefore the name change.

Johannes Quilitz, Drum Circle NW will be in the library November 23, @ 11AM.

“Drumming is FUN! More than ever before, we are in need of memorable and effective ways to connect, find common ground and build relationships with others. Drum Life NW’s community building Drum Circles are designed specifically to encourage camaraderie, exemplify teamwork and empower individuals through making of music together as a group. No Rhythm? No problem! Everything you need to feel the groove and get into the creative flow will be provided. All ages are welcome!” Please join us for this wonderful experience and share some snacks afterward.

December 15, 2019 @ 8:30AM will be our Christmas Breakfast in the Tribal Center Lunch Room. Buck & Elizabeth will play music, sing, and dance; we will have a big breakfast, Santa will hand out gifts and we’ll have our drawing as usual. I hope to have the same volunteers come help us out in the kitchen and elsewhere as needed. If anyone is willing to help we would be so grateful.

360-267-8190 if you wish to volunteer or have questions.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Linda R Rose-Marmont




Drum of Life has been cancelled for November 23rd. It will be moved to January 24th,               at 4:30 pm.  









The Shoalwater Bay Tribal Community Library supports and serves as a resource center for the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe and the surrounding community.


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  • Access to Timberland Regional Library 
  • All type books (fiction, non-fiction, Native American, children, young adult, and reference)
  • Large print books
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  • Music CDs
  • We now offer Wi-Fi


Contact Us
Located at:4115 State Route 105 

Linda Rose, Library Manager
Phone: (360) 267-8190

Mary Johnson, Museum Curator

Phone: (360)267-8130




Yílən ʔ ən

Yílən ʔ ən means “help someone or give help” in our native language and is pronounced “yee-lah uhn.”