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Human Resources

Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe’s Human Resource Department is committed to excellence, providing quality services and support in a professional, caring and consistent manner. In providing these services the HR Department is dedicated to clear communication, progressive, forward thinking and resourceful solutions toward meeting Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe’s mission, goals and objectives.


Providing services and creating a positive work environment that values employees as individuals by meeting their needs and respecting their rights. Human Resources values honesty and integrity, is committed to truthfulness, fairness and the highest professional standards.


Employment Opportunities

       Application Instructions

  • Click on the Application for Employment link directly above. 
  • Click the Sign icon in the toolbar
  • The Fill & Sign tool will be displayed
  • Form fields are detected automatically
  • Complete form by clicking a text field and type or add a text box. You can add checkmarks to yes and no questions
  • When complete, click "Sign" in the toolbar at the top of the page. Then draw, type, or choose an image for your signature. Click "Apply" to place your signature on the form.
  • Go to File>Save As to save a copy for your records and use your email application to send a copy to

Contact Us
Phone: (360) 267-8109
Fax: (360) 267-8219


Complete the Employment Application and then click the button at the top of the application.  Include any other attachments you would like and then send.

Yílən ʔ ən

Yílən ʔ ən means “help someone or give help” in our native language and is pronounced “yee-lah uhn.”