Shoalwater Services



The Housing Department works with the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribal members on housing related matters.


To provide safe, sanitary, and affordable housing to low and medium income eligible Native American families on or near the Shoalwater Bay Indian Reservation.


  • Monitor and maintain 24 homes.
  • Pursue funding and resources for housing needs.
  • Provide financial expertise for potential homebuyers.
  • Advocate for housing funding.
  • Provide information for tenants and others on housing related issues.

Housing Application

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Shoalwater Bay Tribal Housing
2372 Old Tokeland Road
P.O. Box 130
Tokeland, WA 98590

Phone (360)267-8170
Fax (360)267-6778

Joel Blake, Housing Director

Yílən ʔ ən

Yílən ʔ ən means “help someone or give help” in our native language and is pronounced “yee-lah uhn.”