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Additional Services

Information Technology

The goal of the Information Technology Department is to maintain a network infrastructure design that is secure, dependable, compliant and scalable while at the same time being driven by changing technology needs and requirements.


  • All things IT related, even a few that are not.

Contact Us

Jim Schaeffer, IT Director
(360) 267-8112

Brad Phernetton, Computer Network & User Support Specialist
(360) 267-8204


Troy Colley, Director/Grant Writer


Jamie Judkins, Assistant Planner


Holly Blake, Special Projects & Transportation


Accounting & Finance

The Accounting and Finance Department supports the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe’s employees, members, customers and other involved partners.


  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • General Accounting
  • Grant Reporting
  • Grant Assistance to Directors
  • Grant Compliance

Contact Us

Larry Kerns, Chief Financial Officer
(360) 267-8158

Janel Flemetis, Accounts Payable/Travel Coordinator
(360) 267-8191

Judy Lawrence, Grant Accountant
(360) 267-8162

Roberta Merkel, Accountant/Payroll/AP Supervisor
(360) 267-8160

Building Maintenance

The Shoalwater Bay Tribal Building Maintenance Department’s goal in its continuing effort is to make the Tribal Center and surrounding facilities a safe and sanitary place to work.


  • House Keeping
  • Building Maintenance
  • Clinical House Keeping

Contact Us

Michael Taylor, Facility Maintenance Director
(360) 267-81537


Yílən ʔ ən

Yílən ʔ ən means “help someone or give help” in our native language and is pronounced “yee-lah uhn.”