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 Current Job Openings:  


Outdoor Maintenance

Full Time

Essential Job Functions:

Keeps premises of Tribal office buildings maintained, including Wellness Center and Library/Education, Court, Social Services, Environmental and Police Department maintaining and repairing physical structures of the outside of buildings and maintaining grounds.

 See Full Job Description and Qualifications Here


Indoor Maintenance/Janitorial

Full Time

Essential Job Functions:

Keeps Tribal office buildings, including Wellness Clinic in clean and orderly condition.

See Full Job Description and Qualifications Here




Conservation Forester

Full Time

Closes January 2, 2020


The Conservation Forester will be responsible for management and implementation of forest management activities on Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribal lands and be responsible for most phases of forest land management at the stand and project level, ensuring that all proposed activities meet applicable Tribal, Federal and State regulations and laws. The Conservation Forester will additionally update and implement the Shoalwater Bay Indian Reservation Forest Management Plan, develop and manages program budgets and grants, evaluates program capacity and needs, and develops strategies to address priorities. Will work directly with the Natural Resources Director in implementing actions.

See Full Job Description and Qualifications Here




Dual Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Chemical Dependency Counselor (State of Washington)

Full Time

Provides ongoing counseling which involves diagnostic assessments, treatment planning, and referrals to other services, aftercare and development of support groups. Provides counseling for individuals and families. Formulates case management and service plans.

See Full Description Here (Mental Health)

 See Full Description Here(Chemical Dependency)


Emergency Management Specialist

Full Time

Under the supervision of the Emergency Management Director, the Specialist will assist in coordinating disaster response and/or emergency management activities, provides disaster preparedness training, assists with preparing emergency plans and procedures for natural or man-made emergencies such as floods, earthquakes, tsunami's or other hazardous situations. This position may require entrance into national and statewide secure facilities. Due to the nature of this position, the applicant must be felony free, pass a background investigation and pre-employment drug screen. Must have a valid current Washington State Drivers license.  

See Full Description Here



 Payroll Clerk

Full Time

Accounting Department

Summary: Coordinates activities engaged in recording hours of work, processing time records, compiling payroll statistics, maintaining payroll control records, and calculating payrolls.

See Full Description here 





Complete all information on the employment application, found on Human Resources page. 


  • Application: The Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe Application for Employment form must be used.  A separate application is required for each position you are applying for.
  • Accuracy: ALL questions must be answered completely and accurately.  You may be disqualified for any false or misleading statements or for omitting information.
  • License: If the position requires a license or certification, list the name of the license or certification and the expiration date.
  • Resume: A resume will not be accepted in lieu of an application.  To write "see resume" on your application is not acceptable.  A resume is required as a part of your application packet.
  • Signature:  Your signature is required.  If the application is not signed, it may be disqualified.

Application packet shall compose of the following:
   1. Cover Letter
   2. Application for Employment
   3. Resume


Mail: HR Department
Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe
PO Box 130
Tokeland, WA 98590
Applications also available with Receptionist

Hiyu maśi

Hiyu maśi means “many thanks” in our native language and is pronounced “hi-yu mah-see.”