Willapa Bay Enterprises

Mission Statement

Willapa Bay Enterprises Corporation strives to find, evaluate and recommend new business opportunities for Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe, to promote and enhance sovereignty, to promote Native American businesses and to protect tribal assets and investments… “For our Tribe; our People; our Future.”

Willapa Enterprises Board Directory
Chairman James Anderson 360 267-8213
Vice-Chairman Mary Downs  
Secretary/Treasurer Kathy Frazier  
Member at Large Del Clark  
Member at Large Lael EchoHawk  


Colleen M. Barnes
Accountant/Office Manager

P.O. Box 95
4168 State Route 105
Tokeland, WA 98590

Phone: 360-637-6486
    Fax: 360-591-7034



xulʔmuɫən means “continuative form of work or working” in our native language and is pronounced “hul : muth-lun.”