Tribal Government

Tribal Council

The Tribe is governed by a General Council, comprising of all enrolled tribal members at least eighteen years of age. An elected five person Tribal Council conducts the day-to-day business operation of the Tribe. Administrative duties are overseen by a Tribal Administrator who works for the Tribal Council. The administrator manages departments with the help of department directors.

Tribal Council Members Directory
Chairperson Doug Davis 360 267-8350
Vice Chairman Jennifer Taylor 360 267-8189
Secretary Lynn Clark 360 267-8172
Treasurer Mechele Johnson 360 267-8350
Member At Large Dennis Julnes 360 267-8350
 Tribal Council Minutes


ʔəním means “us” or “we” in our native language and is pronounced “-uh-neem.”

Tribal Council Members: Jennifer Taylor, Vice-Chair; Mechele Johnson, Treasurer; Lynn Clark, Secretary; Doug Davis, Chairman; Joel Blake, Member-at-Large